September 04!


Wishing him all the best and that the group he's sailing with will keep on floating successfully, happily and steadily -- bind with their stronger dreams, hopes, passions and mutual respects with each other. ♥

Days late but just wanted to still make a post for his special day. I just got back from a 3-day work trip so I never get to post something on the date itself. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

[Random Flail] I'm lookin' for your love~

Just want to open this new month with a twirling Nakamaru post on my journal :D

SCP 2015.06.17. "Ray" Peformance

I've been lacking on words the past months and sometimes I think that as my daily life became lazy so as my brain? Lol >.< Hopefully July becomes lively and eventful in a way but for now, I'll enjoy fandom and other things while I still have the leisure to do so.

I hope everyone is having a nice week!

[Random Flail] His eyes say it all~

The look in his face exudes nothing but a daring smug and confident transition xD

Just balancing my social networking sites since I've shared couple in Twitter already so I'm leaving Nakamaru flail in here xD

Also, let me say how Nakamaru dared to wink at Kamenashi and it resulted the latter to mess up on the lyrics of the song xD For once, he blocked the higher authority in fan service and won.
[Wink ;]]

I may have had a both physically and emotionally draining day yesterday but this is one of the reasons why I find solace in fandom. Things like this help us distracted in a good way.

I hope everyone is having a nice week!

♥ The Shounen Club Premium, 2015.03.18 | (c) harurun_ka_me@twitter

Oh hello there~

And he's learning the art of fan service :3

MUSIC STATION 2015.03.13

Been a while since my last post in here so I'm dusting off my personal LJ with a short post of both random flail and quick real life update.

I've been just busy with work and will still be busy until the end of March that I only get to have free time for the fandom in the wee hours of the night ;s But yeah, at least I get to have glimpse of it. The amount of work that I have now is draining me. I guess everyone tends to have the feeling when you just want to skip work even for a day. Like you want to recharge for a bit -- have a good sleep, be lazy and breathe normally. Nevertheless, complaining is normal too but it doesn't mean I don't want to work anymore. Besides, it's the weekend so I have 2 days for some good rest :D

KAT-TUN's 9th Anniversary is coming up so I decided to do a contest for it in art_of_clarity and I'm glad that although we are just aiming for at least 9 participants, it snowballed into the total of 14 :D Hopefully, you will all look forward on their entries and join the voting for the winner as well.

I hope everyone is doing fine. Happy weekend!

[Random Flail] When trolling becomes enjoyable

Dead or Alive PV Making (c)lobanheridanofukushu

This made me burst into laughter the first time I watched the PV Making. I think I repeated this particular scene around 2-3 times and it has the same effect on me every time. Ueda really has his own ways and timing for trolling xD So cute, even!

It's the weekend, F-list so hopefully we'll all have an enjoyable one :D

[Random Flail] All the right moves

...caught in all the right angles xD

In other news, I'm always looking forward whenever Friday comes because it is the last day of work for the week but this time it is a bit different. I'm both sad and happy for the reason that one of my favorite people at work will be leaving to live/work somewhere else and today is her last day :( On a brighter side, I know she will be happy for this new path that she has decided to take so I'm okay with that. Also, I'm sure we will get to see each other again but, of course, it's still different from when I get to see her everyday in the office I will definitely miss her!

Anyway, I hope everyone will have a good and restful weekend :D