Hello. Time flies sure fast as it's already September now. Took the time to check on LJ today. Internet connection is not that stable since we still don't have a proper/reliable one at the new house but hopefully soon. I hope everyone is doing fine(?) I'm alright, myself. Work is still work but I have travel plans this month.

Anyway, just thought of doing a quick post to also go with my birthday greetings to Nakamaru~

Happy 33rd, Yuichi! Bless your strong and genuine heart <3


So it is official. Jweb even changed already the look on KT's page and removed Hanashi at exactly 12MN, April 1. It's April's Fools' Day and maybe some, if not most of us, wish that it could have been just a part of that -- that it is just a big joke after all. But it is not.

Anyway, I have been posting enough gloominess lately when it comes to his departure so I won't do much anymore today. I just wish him all the best and I will forever acknowledge that he is a big part of my addiction to this fandom. Not only because of his own way of artistry, plausible dancing skills, therapeutic bright smiles, adorable puns but also because you are one of the reasons that I have come to accept that there is really a certain magnet in this thing called 'OTP' and completely lured me into this fondness called "shipping".


There are moments when all you can do is cry

I have stopped watching KT shows in streaming long time ago because our connection is not really reliable and more importantly, I know that when morning comes, it would have already been shared/uploaded somewhere. Tonight, kissmegreen needed a little aid so I tried streaming again their last 4NIN performance in Music Station. I was okay from "Real Face" and even with the sight of them becoming just 3 to perform their new song. Everything was just alright until someone shed tears.Though it was obvious as well that the other 2 were trying to contain their feelings, Ueda wasn't able to hold his emotions. It was difficult because I wasn't ready for it, unlike if you just waited for links and that you were already fed by screencaps and short clips before you get to watch it fully.

Tame Tabi had its final episode also tonight but I haven't watched that one yet. I'm still full with sentiments from Ueda's sobbing. Toothache is keeping me up all night so I made these gifs. It can be spoiler for some or even hurtful for others to see and I'm sorry for that. It's just, I guess this is my way of transpiring the sadness.

[+4 Ueda ;-;]

The last time I checked tooth is not placed between the chest, but why is it that the pain I'm feeling is coming from there? This post is too sentimental, I know :s



Sharing these Mp3 formats (uploaded in Mediafire) of their three live shows in the final SCP episode. I cut the commentary parts in the Club and Acoustic styles but I retain the "WE ARE KAT-TUN" part in the Rock Style:

→ Club Style: Ray,Run For You & Tokyo Starry

→ Acoustic Style : Hakanai Yubisaki, Signal, Smile & Precious One

→ Rock Style: Real Face, Ai No Command, Moon & Haruka Higashi No Sora E

**Even with these recent unfortunate events, it's still something to commemorate~ I'm also glad for those people whom I have met through this group <3 Have a nice week, everyone!

This drawing is so cute and of course, relevant so I'm adding it here (c) on the pic

Enjoy while it lasts

I don't really have anything to say but I just want to post this one because it looks nice to see -- them enjoying the last days that they left as four. Though recent episodes of Tame Tabi have had moments of teasing Taguchi, more like, leaving him out already and all; but I guess it's just also one way of how they prepare us or even the other three for what's coming? At least for me, it feels like that. We only have couple of episodes left for this show and hopefully, the last one will be something really really nice.

I hope everyone has a nice start of the week!

Tame Tabi 2016.03.11

[Download:Single] 「UNLOCK」- Limited Editions 1 & 2 + Regular Edition

Hello. Sharing here my copies of their newest single but not sure if I can still scan the booklets. Unfortunately, this is their last single as 4nin. They have included a a photo card in each version(randomly)so you'll have 3 of them if you decide to buy all versions. I was lucky to get Nakamaru though I didn't get Taguchi as much as I wished, well, just to have both of them for the last time :( Is anyone willing to exchange with me? lol

Also, the RE version has this user code which you can use to view this "Unlock Special Movie" and to download KAT-TUN Unlock image. This image is available in various resolutions for both Android and iPhone. I haven't checked out the special movie but it's said to be a 2-minute Johnny's Countdown 2015-2016 "KAT-TUN Medley" clip.

Anyway, the videos here are ripped from its original DVD resolution and everything is uploaded on MEGA for now.

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[Download:Single] 「TRAGEDY」- Limited Editions 1 & 2 + Regular Edition

Hello. Sharing here my copies of the singles but wasn't able to do the scanning of the booklets anymore. If you are looking for that, you can check the Kame communities which I know posted the scans. Anyway, the videos here are ripped from its original DVD resolution and everything is uploaded on both MEGA and Mediafire.

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[Downloads: MP3] SCP Premium Show 2015.12.16

I ripped MP3 version of this for my personal use but I thought might as well share them for those who may want also.

Made here various versions of the rip:

→Don't U Ever Stop + Baby B Mine + Fire and Ice_Full(13m25s): Mediafire

→Don't U Ever Stop + Baby B Mine + Fire and Ice_No Commentary(12m19s): Mediafire

→Don't U Ever Stop(03m57s): Mediafire

→Baby B Mine(03m36s): Mediafire

→Fire and Ice(04m47s): Mediafire