June 10th, 2017

And it leads me back.

A day came when I finally found my way back in here. I have been neglecting things and people too and I apologize for that, but I try to still pop out from time to time. Finding spare moment to crawl back into fandom-related stuff that I miss. Downloading Nakamaru's drama so I can start watching it already though I still haven't started Ueda's last drama. Well, it's a bit difficult getting back on Weibo, Mega, etc. because it seems that I've forgotten my passwords :x It took me 2 attempts for my LJ account.. and 3 hours to finish this post because of HTML usage lol I will get there. It just takes time especially when you were out in the loop for so long and just like other things, the longer you're away, the harder it gets back. The important thing is, I'm not really out of it, just late.

I have a long weekend because of a National Holiday here on Monday so I thought of dropping by in here and write something, just to somehow relive that moment on how it used to feel when you write in your Livejournal. One thing that didn't change -- struggling to find a subject title to my posts.

By the way, if anyone wants some animated gifs, poke me and I will put an effort to make one for you, just kindly guide me on acquiring the video source. Trying to rekindle the graphics side of me while I have this break :D

I hope everyone has been well. Enjoy the weekend! ♥