itz_menos (itz_menos) wrote,

Quietly quarantining

Hi. Figured I try if I still know how LJ works. I know we are all dealing with these hard times and struggling to stay positive and sane with all that is happening. Like the others, I am also on a work from home arrangement so technically, we are still working. It even felt like I am working more than I used to do in the office because there are a lot of opportunities for online meetings now and you don't have any excuse to not participate. If there's one bonus to it, is that most often than not - I attend meetings only in my pajamas xD.

Anyway, as I am still active on Twitter, I am able to be updated with the fandom and I was indeed happy to witness KAT-TUN perform on that Youtube special. Watching them at that time, gave me such warm delight that I thought I didn't have in my heart anymore, but I was wrong. My love for them is still there. I know everyone was in frenzy also - seeing them giving all they've got regardless if it was an empty venue. They are adorable nonetheless :D

Well, I hope anyone who's reading this is staying healthy, safe and being obedient of what, we, citizens are asked to do. If you are not a health worker and not part of the front liners, the least that we can do to is to stay at home and as they said "Please wash you hands~". ♥♥♥
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