itz_menos (itz_menos) wrote,

[Download: Video] Nakamaru Yuichi: another sky-アナザースカイ- 2016.12.02 (.TS)

Duration : 30m36s
Dimension : 1440 x 1080
File size : 3.12GB, zip file
Download link: MEGA
Source/Credit: -晴喵喵-

Hello. It's been a while. Anyway, I know it's a big file but sharing this one because I think Nakamaru plus beach need to be in HD. Just one downside though aside from the huge size, this one has still advertisements in it. I cannot find a free software which can cut .TS files without re-encoding or converting in another format. If anyone knows, I hope you won't mind sharing? :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend!
Tags: download, tv show, video, year: 2016, yuichi nakamaru

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