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So it is official. Jweb even changed already the look on KT's page and removed Hanashi at exactly 12MN, April 1. It's April's Fools' Day and maybe some, if not most of us, wish that it could have been just a part of that -- that it is just a big joke after all. But it is not.

Anyway, I have been posting enough gloominess lately when it comes to his departure so I won't do much anymore today. I just wish him all the best and I will forever acknowledge that he is a big part of my addiction to this fandom. Not only because of his own way of artistry, plausible dancing skills, therapeutic bright smiles, adorable puns but also because you are one of the reasons that I have come to accept that there is really a certain magnet in this thing called 'OTP' and completely lured me into this fondness called "shipping".

Tags: junnosuke taguchi, personal rants

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