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Nice to meet you!

And then I crawled back~

Hello. Just doing a quick post because -- finally I was able to get myself back in here after failed attempts before as it required me to update my password or account, saying I cannot use my old password anymore because it has been so long since I logged-in.. Then, I forgot doing it and months have passed after that until it was already 2021 :o Anyway, at last I updated it now! I hope everyone is doing fine despite this continuing struggle with the pandemic.

Oh, the boys are still looking fine :D Ueda in that pic is just ♥

Stay safe!

Quietly quarantining

Hi. Figured I try if I still know how LJ works. I know we are all dealing with these hard times and struggling to stay positive and sane with all that is happening. Like the others, I am also on a work from home arrangement so technically, we are still working. It even felt like I am working more than I used to do in the office because there are a lot of opportunities for online meetings now and you don't have any excuse to not participate. If there's one bonus to it, is that most often than not - I attend meetings only in my pajamas xD.

Anyway, as I am still active on Twitter, I am able to be updated with the fandom and I was indeed happy to witness KAT-TUN perform on that Youtube special. Watching them at that time, gave me such warm delight that I thought I didn't have in my heart anymore, but I was wrong. My love for them is still there. I know everyone was in frenzy also - seeing them giving all they've got regardless if it was an empty venue. They are adorable nonetheless :D

Well, I hope anyone who's reading this is staying healthy, safe and being obedient of what, we, citizens are asked to do. If you are not a health worker and not part of the front liners, the least that we can do to is to stay at home and as they said "Please wash you hands~". ♥♥♥

[Scans] Ask Yourself Photocards

Hello :D I know everyone is happy and smiling with the return of our adorable boys ♥ The concert, the single, magazine features, TV guestings and of course, the Tame Tabi! We're excited for everything that's in store for them.

Anyway, I found myself struggling for words to type so I'm ending this post. Here are the links for the photocards that I scanned, in case anyone wants them :)
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And it leads me back.

A day came when I finally found my way back in here. I have been neglecting things and people too and I apologize for that, but I try to still pop out from time to time. Finding spare moment to crawl back into fandom-related stuff that I miss. Downloading Nakamaru's drama so I can start watching it already though I still haven't started Ueda's last drama. Well, it's a bit difficult getting back on Weibo, Mega, etc. because it seems that I've forgotten my passwords :x It took me 2 attempts for my LJ account.. and 3 hours to finish this post because of HTML usage lol I will get there. It just takes time especially when you were out in the loop for so long and just like other things, the longer you're away, the harder it gets back. The important thing is, I'm not really out of it, just late.

I have a long weekend because of a National Holiday here on Monday so I thought of dropping by in here and write something, just to somehow relive that moment on how it used to feel when you write in your Livejournal. One thing that didn't change -- struggling to find a subject title to my posts.

By the way, if anyone wants some animated gifs, poke me and I will put an effort to make one for you, just kindly guide me on acquiring the video source. Trying to rekindle the graphics side of me while I have this break :D

I hope everyone has been well. Enjoy the weekend! ♥

This and that.

Hello. I'm still here but this is the only time I was able to open LJ in particular and I'm currently at work.I don't have much on my hands this Friday so I thought why not write something in here. I'm not disappearing nor leaving fandom - just busy with work and to be honest, being diverted with other things. Even so, it will be also interesting to know that there are still people reading this.

Though I'm late on most of the things that are happening, still feels good to know that individually, they are getting busier. I still haven't started watching Ueda's drama though but I heard it's something that one might find interest in. It's about time he starred in another drama, anyway. Nakamaru is doing great as well. I'm curious on his new show as the MC and also his song for his new drama. Kamenashi is still charmingly occupied and will turn 31 soon. I can't believe he's past 30s now.. Time flies surely fast.

Temperature here is getting cold lately and I've been dealing with runny nose. I'm getting used to it but it will be bad for my health again if it will become abruptly hot afterwards. One more thing, I have to say that in the past weeks, I'm into watching this Korean Sunday variety show. My brother introduced me to it. It's funny. The games and punishments are entertaining. Well, maybe I just miss watching variety shows which KT used to have/do before.

Have a nice weekend!

[Download: Video] Honoo-no Taiiku-kai TV 2HR SP, 2016.12.17

炎の体育会TV豪華競演2時間SP(FULL SHOW)
Duration : 1h41m46s
Dimension: 1280 x 720, *cut from TS file
File size : 2.42GB , rar file
Download link: MEGA
Source/Credit: -晴喵喵-
炎の体育会TV豪華競演2時間SP(UEDA PART ONLY)
Duration : 13m09s, *cut from TS file
Dimension: 1280 x 720 & 1920 x 1080
File size : 488MB and 322MB , rar file
Download link: 720p | 1080p
Source/Credit: -晴喵喵-

I will be cross-posting this to chronicles_of_u too once I am done uploading a splitted versions of full show I forgot to do this before I uploaded...

Enjoy the weekend~

[Download: Video] Nakamaru Yuichi: another sky-アナザースカイ- 2016.12.02 (.TS)

Duration : 30m36s
Dimension : 1440 x 1080
File size : 3.12GB, zip file
Download link: MEGA
Source/Credit: -晴喵喵-

Hello. It's been a while. Anyway, I know it's a big file but sharing this one because I think Nakamaru plus beach need to be in HD. Just one downside though aside from the huge size, this one has still advertisements in it. I cannot find a free software which can cut .TS files without re-encoding or converting in another format. If anyone knows, I hope you won't mind sharing? :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend!